31st Vis Moot

The FAU team for the 31st Vis Moot

Hannah Epstude


After Hannah had graduated from Gymnasium Dinkelsbühl in 2022, she started her law studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in the winter semester 2022/2023. Due to many stays abroad around the whole world, she developed a great interest in law in an international context. By participating in the Vis Moot, Hannah hopes to improve her rhetorical skills as well as her English language skills and to gain realistic practical experience. She is also looking forward to the unique opportunity to establish new contacts with international companies and students.

Paul Erban


Paul is a law student at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. After graduating in 2021 he immediately began his studies of law. Due to his achievements, he was able to work at the chair of Prof. Dr. Klaus Ulrich Schmolke LL.M. (NYU) dealing with Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and the Law of Economics. In order to improve his rhetorical and English skills he also decided to take part in the German Soldan Moot Court 2023 and to visit intermediate English Classes. Thus, Vis Moot Court of 2023 is the perfect opportunity for him to combine these interests. Paul also got the chance to take part in an internship at the Bavarian Representation in Brussel in 2024. He currently plans to major in Capital Market Law.

Cynthia Everest


After her Abitur, which is one of the best of her class, Cynthia began her law studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg in the winter semester of 2021/ 2022. As part of her studies, she completed the legal language course in English, through which she discovered her interest in international legal affairs. She also has language skills in French, Russian and Ukrainian and a general interest in multinationality. By participating in the 31st Vis Moot she hopes to deepen her language skills, expand her practical skills and interpersonal exchange with other participants of the Vis Moot.

Kathrin Schoeller


Kathrin graduated in 2021, where she was awarded the Insea-und-Robert-Strobel-Preis, and enrolled to pursue a legal education at the FAU the same year. Due to her international and partially bilingual early upbringing and a three-month stay in New Zealand, she developed a particular interest in international law. Through her participation in the Vis Moot, she hopes to further her rhetorical skills as well as gain a deeper insight into the practical applications of the law.

Julia Zipko


Having started law school in the winter semester of 2021/2022, Julia decided to assist in a Nuremberg law firm in order to attain valuable practical knowledge as early as possible to supplement her legal education from the end of her first semester until today. Especially learning how legal proceedings are executed as well as communicating with clients are aspects, she enjoys most about her job there. Since she is aspiring to select Private International Law as her priority area for her further studies, she is pursuing to complete the FAU’s English Legal Language Certificate and the 31st Vis Moot is therefore going to be a great opportunity for her to combine her interest in that area of law with valuable language as well as communication skills and new acquaintances, which she is very much looking forward to. As a balance to her university life, she loves doing sports such as cardio training, pilates and golf.